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BBC 2008 Finalist

Guvera Limited

Founded in 2008, Australian-born Guvera is an award-winninng music and entertainment streaming service that is supported by a multi-skilled, global team working at the intersection of tech innovation, music and brands.

Jan 2009

Raised $5m Series A

Jun 2009

Raised $5m Series B

Jan 2010

Raised $20m Series C

Jul 2015

Raised $362k Venture Round

Nov 2015

Raised $100m Venture Round

BBC 2010 Winner

Rebellion Photonics Inc.

Rebellion Photonics Inc. (formerly Indirect Imaging) facilitates scientists to do their research by a patent-protected microscope technology working prototype, resulting in a high definition image instead of scanning combined with hyper-spectral video function. In addition, this patent-protected microscope is applicable for a variety of work.

Nov 2013

Named "Startup of the Year" by WSJ

Jan 2014

Raised $10.4m Series A

Dec 2019

Acquired by Honeywell

BBC 2011 Winner

Siam Organic

Siam Organic is an export marketing company developing the world’s most nutritious and healthy specialty certified organic rice. With the support of a fully integrated supply chain, Siam Organic would access consumers worldwide and develop one of the most premium branded organic rice strains coming out of Thailand

Sep 2016

Won SDG75k DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia

Jul 2017

Won $400k in The Chivas Venture in LA

May 2018

Thailand's First F&B Company to Achieve B Corporation Certification

Oct 2020

CEO recognized as one of the Meaningful Business 100 of 2020