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What are the expenses involved in participating in the competition?

The major expenses are your travelling costs only. There is no registration fee to enter the competition and the competition organizers offer complimentary accommodation for all team members and one faculty advisor for the duration of the competition and associated events (total 5 nights: check-in 10th February 2016, check-out 15th  February 2016). We also offer complimentary airport transfers (both in-bound and out-bound), however other transportation are the responsibility of the teams/universities themselves. Most meals are also provided for the duration of the competition.

Who can participate and how many members are allowed in a team?
All students enrolled in the 2015 calendar year may participate. A minimum of 2 student members from the SAME graduate program is required, whilst 1 member may be ANYONE (either a student from another program or a non-student). In total, a maximum of 5 members are allowed in a team.

Please refer to the Eligibility section of the rules at http://bbc.sasin.edu/rules.php

What is the voltage in Thailand and what type of plugs do I need?

The voltage in Thailand is 220 volt and we use 3-pin standard plugs (2 squares, 1 round). 

What are the specifications of the Venture Exhibition booths and what are teams given?

Booth size: W 2 m x L 2 m x H 2.4 m (total of 4 square metres) with details as follows:
- 240 cm. height fascia with venture’s name, 1 set
- Information table, 1 unit 
- Chair, 2 units (removable)
- Trash bin, 1 unit (removable)
- 5 Amp Power outlet (220 Volts.)

Yes, you can ...

- ... place objects (including chairs and tables provided) anywhere within booth space
- ... use double-sided tape
- ... bring and use computers/laptops/ other visual aids
- ... use visual aids
- ... decline to use table and/or chair provided (please inform organizers in advance)

No, you can't ...

- ... place objects outside your allocated booth space
- ... distribute promotional material beyond the immediate vicinity of your allocated booth space
- ... glue, drill, or make holes on the walls of the booths
- ... leave your valuables (especially laptops) unattended

Is the First round Summary Business Plan the same as a typical Executive Summary?
The Summary Business Plan is essentially the same as an executive summary, with some restrictions and requirements as per the official rules (please see http://bbc.sasin.edu/rules.php).
How many teams can my school send to compete?

According to our rules , "Each graduate program may send ONE team consisting of a minimum of TWO members and a maximum of FIVE members."

These are some examples of separate programs: MBA (full time) and MBA (part time or some schools call it Executive MBA).  MBA (in English) and MBA (in, say, Malay) can also be counted as two separate programs.

Let say that you have officially announced the following separate programs in your brochure and/or on your website:

MBA (full time in English)
MBA (full time in Malay)
MBA (part time in English)
MBA (part time in Malay)
MBA in Finance (English) *** (Designed specifically for Finance and totally different from the MBA program where students can choose to major in different fields)
MBA in Finance (Malay)*** (Designed specifically for Finance and totally different from the MBA program where students can choose to major in different fields)
Master of International Marketing (English)
Master of International Marketing (Malay)

In this case, you are eligible to send 8 teams each representing each separate program.

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Important dates
October 19- November 22, 2015
Online Registration and Submission of Opening Round Summary Business Plans

November 22, 2015
Deadline for submission of Opening Round Summary Business Plans

December 2, 2015
Semi-finalists Announcement

December 6, 2015
Deadline for submission of Intention of Participation for Semi-final Round

January 25, 2016
Press Conference and Semi-final Round Draw

January 27, 2016
Deadline for Submission of Full Written Business Plan

February 11-13, 2016
Competition Days

February 11, 2016
Houston Technology Center Asia Entrepreneurship Forum & 99-Second Pitch @ Sasin
Competition Days

February 12, 2016
Semi-final Round, Sustainability Award Round and Play-off Round Competition @ Sasin

February 13, 2016
Final Round Competition and H.M. The King Award Ceremony @ Sasin

February 14, 2016
Cultural Tour of Bangkok, Compliments of Sasin
News updated

Congratulations to 2016 winners and Thank You to 2016 participant

The Result of Semi-final Round Draw

The 16 Semi-Finalists

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