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Entrepreneurship Forum & Kiatnakin Bank 99-Second @ Sasin

Mr. Sandwich of Thailand -- My Story, My Brand

Background:The Global Financial Crisis in 2008 was caused by unsustainable growth of in the housing and financial markets. Once the bubble burst, large corporations crumbled one after another… leading to global economic recession. More than 2 years on, economies are still trying to recover. With the added problems of global warming and widening social gaps, more emphasis is  being placed on environmental and social concerns in order to ensure that  economic recovery  is sustained.

These events parallel Mr. Sirivat Voravetvuthikun’s life over the past 14 years.  Here is his inspirational story:   

Sirivat Sandwich ("Baht floating with a balloon" logo) was founded by Mr. Sirivat Voravetvuthikun, one  of  Bangkok’s most successful financiers in the early 1990s who saw his multi-million business collapse in  the 1997 Asia financial crisis--the “IMF year.”  He suddenly found himself struggling to feed his family and staff by selling sandwiches to passersby on the Bangkok roadsides. With determination, a “never say never” attitude and a different perspective on life, Mr. Sirivat  turned his little venture into a reputable brand and  sustainable business. It has been more than 13 years now that Sirivat Sandwich  has been selling sandwiches in the streets of Bangkok and  operating the Coffee Corner to provide  coffee break service to Bangkok offices. Not only is this venture being readied for listing  on the mai  market, it  now serves  as an example to Thai society that a rewarding return can mean more than just profits.



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Important dates
February 24, 2011
Entrepreneurship Forum & Kiatnakin Bank 99-Second @ Sasin

February 25, 2011
Semi-final & Play-off Rounds @ Sasin

February 26, 2011
Final Round Competition and H.M.The King Award Ceremony @ Sasin

February 27, 2011
Cultural Tour of Bangkok, Complimentary of Sasin
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List of Team Registration 2011

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