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No. University Country Venture Name
1 Bangkok University Thailand CropPro
CropPro presents an opportunity to invest in the business of producing Straight Vegetable Oil and animal feed from Camelina Sativa. The business plan will outline CropPro’s approach; from the contracting of farmland to the zero-waste production process, supported by a sound B2B marketing strategy and financial analysis.
2 Bangkok University Thailand Voice Link
"Voicelink" melts the ice by breaking down the barriers of culture, language and information. The company endeavors to meaningful dialoguing partner. "Voicelink" provides live translation service through RFID embedded SIM cards phones to foreigners, visited Thailand for various purposes such as tourism, employement and investment.
3 College of Innovative Education, Thammasat University Thailand Innocare
InnoCare Co., Ltd. is established to develop and commercialize wound care products derived from Chitosan, using exclusive technology licensing from National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC). Our first product is ChitoCare, a Chitosan-based wound dressing with outstanding properties in reducing healing time, haemostatic property and antimicrobial activity.
4 Chiang Mai University Thailand SGC network Co.,Ltd
SGC network Co.,Ltd offer new innovation product and service for internet management system to serve requirement of consumer for enhance quality of life.
5 Ramkhamhang University Thailand Supannikar
SUPANNIKAR CO.,LTD. from Ramkhamhaeng University consists of 5 Graduates MBA, who are difference characteristics and skills. One for all & all for one likes “US”. With this competition, our Team mix & match our complementary skills and professional experiences. Finally, SUPANNIKAR is the synergy team and ready to see you.
6 Phranakhon Rajabhat University Thailand Bangkok Experience Complex
"Bangkok Experience Complex" -- The Lifestyle Activities Service, idea was originated on the fact that people in Bangkok is desperately seeking for a "kingdom" or "center" that is capable of delivering all or almost all popular activities. It is a colossal complex that integrates all facilities of the most popular indoor activity for Bangkok people together under a single roof. It is designed to fit perfectly with the lifestyle, environment, culture and the beat of Bangkok people. Our motto: "Bangkok’s Life Available"
7 Thammasat University Thailand Verdacure
Verdacura Company Limited is established to produce high quality natural-ingredient affordable medicines for people's better health and well-being. Our first product, PerioVerda is the first periodontal disease drug offering two important benefits: 1) inhibit bacteria growth in inflamed areas, and 2) promote re-growth of gum tissue in the same time.
8 Chulalongkorn University Thailand IGENTECH Corporation: Machinery Visual Solutions
We provide the best machinery visual solutions in manufacturing segment to improve the overall productivity and superior quality system as well as developing the system to support intelligent surveillance systems. By applying the newest digital image processing technology integrated with the professional operational improvement methodologies. By the young energetic group of people who have direct professional experience in this field.
9 Assumption Unversity Thailand M&C
M&C plans to process milk to produce cheese and skimmed milk powder to reduce dependency on import and capture emerging market fulfilling both profit maximization and social responsibility with a focus to alleviate poverty through co-operative society financed by micro-credit to avail unique business opportunity and achieve international recognition.
10 Assumption Unversity Thailand Re-Ecovery Private Ltd.
Re-Ecovery Private Ltd. wishes to "….take you one step closer to saving the world" by recycling discarded and second hand computers and cell phones. Our company will transfer technology to under-developed regions and provide recycling services using proper, environmentally safe procedures. We're working to keep 85-90% of E-Waste out of landfills.
11 Shinawatra University Thailand Business Reformers
Using the JIT to get aquatic animal (live form by using mobility fish tank) from agriculturists and daily send to prospect customers such as restuarants, superstore and etc., Gain massive profit by cutting middle man, and mobility fish tank can be sold in fancy fish market and logistic business as alternative.
12 Shinawatra University Thailand Siam Bio Energy
We will be the machine provider to customer which may be farmer group, farmer cooperative or local investors to produce ethanol 75-80% purify and sell ethanol back to our company. After that we are purification to be 99.5% ethanol and then sell ethonal to Petroleum Company such as PTT or Shell.
13 National Institute of Development Administration Thailand BioCare (International) Co., Ltd.
Unlock beauty secrets, Freeze time, keep your youth! BioCare unlocks youthful secrets without painful surgery through advanced innovations; DermaRF Xtra and CO2 Laser. Our laboratory tested products’ distinction is the very cheap prices while drives your satisfaction with racing returns!!
14 National Institute of Development Administration Thailand Nana Coco
  The manufacturer and exporter of coconut oil product
15 College of Management, Mahidol University Thailand Siam Tapioca Co., Ltd.
Siam Tapioca Company Limited manufactures a low cost superior quality medical tablet filler, which is an inactive substance used as a carrier for the active ingredients of pharmaceutical drugs. Siam Tapioca's tablet filler is made from inexpensive tapioca starch yielding high quality tablet filler at lower costs than competitor's.
16 College of Management, Mahidol University Thailand Castilla
Castilla Co., Ltd. is a rubber formulation company which prepares raw material for rubber molders. We compound Natural Rubber with Synthetic Rubber with special additive and innovative process to provide the consistent rubber property. Our products can achieve lower cost because our process can reduce proportion of expensive Synthetic Rubber in compounded rubber.
17 University of Thai Chamber of Commerce Thailand Doolare Dorf

Resort for take care of European & North American retiree. Full with accommodation, activities, Thailand tour service, and business center. First establish in Hua-Hin.

18 University of Thai Chamber of Commerce Thailand SMA INNO TECH
SMA INNO TECH CO.,LTD. which is a high innovative technology that has never been commercially existed in Thailand. SMA (Shape Memory Alloys) is our smart and intelligent titanium alloys composites processing through “Simulated Repeat Heat Treatment Furnace” method.
19 Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University Thailand Oceanic Incorporated
Oceanic Inc. was established to develop and commercialize natural medicines for aquaculture industry. Our primary product, AquaNes, is a100% natural fish anesthetic using clove oil as an active ingredient to anesthetize the fish during transportation. Our product’s efficacy, competitive price, and safety will definitely enhance competitiveness to fish farm owners.
20 Multimedia University Malaysia Invest Fully Digital Court

My rich uncle was given me an interest-free loan of 6 years of up to RM 1 million to start a new business. I will do the marketing research rather than invest into my new business. My current business is invest in digital court system.

21 Multimedia University Malaysia Internet Café
Propose to start up an innovative Internet café business, which offers a unique combination specialty coffee bistro with Internet, Computer and Business Services
22 University Tenaga Nasional Malaysia Beluga Electronic Recycling Sdn Bhd (BER)
Its an electronic recycling company that recycles scrap computers for the use of future technology. Our mission is to supply recycled materials to manufacturing companies which will enable them to use recycled goods instead of rely solely on raw materials.
23 University Tenaga Nasional Malaysia Ba-tique
Batik serves more than utilitarian purpose as part of Malay living tradition. Nowadays, to equip with the modern living, Ba-tique have taken batik to the next level of refinement. Ba-tique combines the innovation to create wonderful designs. Ba-tique symbolizes our business venture of producing, designing and selling batik clothing.
24 University of Malaya Malaysia BIOL Incorporation
  The venture is on the biotechnology product.
25 University of Malaya Malaysia NEUCARD SDN BHD
The venture is in the credit card business. The establishment of the organisation is to improve the credit card processes and incorporate all the financial institution of the credit cards in one management. Thus increase the revenues and improve the effic
26 Asian Institute of Management Philippines Nature Care,Inc.
Nature Care introduces ‘antibacterial towels’ made from Bamboo fiber. It is targeting a particular set of consumers in markets where there are rising health care & hygiene concerns. With an investment of US$3,000,000 this project would yield an NPV of US$40 million and IRR of 49%.
27 SP Jain Center of Management Singapore AladdinsTreasure
AladdinsTreasure is a unique platform that will provide much needed E-business opportunities for the jewellery industry. Aim is to add value to the booming Dubai Jewellery Market as well as to provide a much needed global exposure to small & medium scale jewellery manufacturers in countries like India, Hong Kong etc.
28 National University of Singapore Singapore Interaction IT Services Private Limited
"Our company, Interaction IT Services Private Limited, offers integrated, web-based end-to-end vehicle tracking service on subscription basis that would help in monitoring and controlling the mobile assets over the internet. The service is being offered under the brand name of Transtrack."
29 Indian School of Business India Swachh Jal Dhara
Swatchh Jal Dhara offers equipment, based on proprietary process of electrolysis to produce liquid chlorine, which is used to remove bacterial impurities and produce safe drinking water at very low cost for small towns and rural areas in Asia. Has great market potential and offers excellent returns for investors.
30 Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of India Business School, Hyderabad India Go Notes
Go Notes provides graduate students and faculty with an efficient, comprehensive avenue to access educational materials via the Internet. It provides a single source of proven books, articles by academic and industry experts, cases and value added learning aids for more than 2.8 million graduate students and the faculty that instruct them.
31 Great Lakes Institute of Management India 3G-Go Green Global
"3G-Go Green Global" introduces bio diesel. Our vision is to be a national leader in the development of sustainable biomass feedstock and conversion technologies to produce energy, bio-fuels, and bio-products; aiding in the creation and growth of a new bio-industry, which is vital to the economic, social, and environmental success of India and the World.
32 Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of India Business School, Hyderabad India BHU-OORJA PVT LTD

We have selected jatropha curcas which is potential feed stock plant for making bio diesel. Our product would production of bio diesel with the backward integration of cultivating jatropha plantation. Targeted Customer Base - Indian Railways,State transport Corporations,Rural Farmers. This is a venture which will generate lot of employment in the rural area and all the by products are reusable.

33 Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of India Business School, Ahmedabad India Carbon Exchange of Asia Pvt. Ltd. (CEA)
In the absence of Organized Exchange, CEA will act as an exchange, creating a common platform for carbon trading and benefiting both buyers and sellers for the Real Price Discovery of Carbon Credits, discarding the Intermediaries and offering unparallel efficiencies, unlimited growth and infinite opportunities to all market participants, based on its strong service availability backed by superior technology
34 Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of India Business School, Pune India MediMitra Health Services
MediMitra is your friend for any medical treatment anytime, anywhere. MediMitra is a health service facilitator, which aims to provide its customers quick and convenient health Medical services along with a promise MediPack tells when you can’t
35 Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad India CellZymes
To pioneer the biomass feedstock based production process of ethanol in India, thereby catering to the huge emerging demand among oil refineries and in the process creating a large social impact on the farmers
36 Indian Institute of Management Bangalore India Know Your Heart
Our plan is to create a country wide chain of diagnostic centers coupled with a health insurance network to deliver Early Healthcare services in the domain of cardiovascular diseases in India. Our vision is to prevent unnecessary loss of life due to late diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases in the country.
37 Indian Institute of Management Indore India Sanjeevani
Sanjeevani is a sustainable and a profitable venture to leverage India's immense knowledge of herbal cultivation and alternative medicine to address the rising global herbal needs. The unique integration model of the value-chain benefits the customers as well as the stakeholders. The social benefits include the employment and basic health-care provision for rural India.
38 Prasetiya Mulya Business School Indonesia Power Boost Energy Bar
Power Boost Ltd is a consumer-food company that produces energy bars to be sold in Indonesia. The market opportunity is USD 315,000 per year. The Net Present Value and Shareholder Value are positive, the return is higher than its cost and the payback period is shorter than 5 years.
39 Prasetiya Mulya Business School Indonesia Golden Jet
Golden Jet is a new business-jet charter company in Indonesia. The main customers are top executives of growth oriented companies and wealthy people that need fast, safe, and comfort air transportation. The expected NPV is USD 315,000. It offers high dividend yield (50%) and short payback period (< 5 years)
40 Beijing International MBA, Peking University China Dr. Seed
Utilizing a patented technology, Plasma Seed Processor (PSP) that will enhance plant and vegetable seed growth, Dr. Seed Company LLC (Dr. Seed) plans to minimize the adverse effects of seed borne diseases, prolonged droughts as a result of global warming, and the depletion of available arable land area as a result of poor farming practices.
41 College of Management, Jinan University China EatEasy
EatEasy is promoted by Guangzhou JiaJia Tong Catering On-Line Service Ltd. to advance catering services and integrate catering resources using modern internet information technology.EatEasy, which is a comprehensive fast-food on-line service platform, aims to provide catering information services for consumers, enterprises and government.
42 International University of Japan Japan CustoBag
"CustoBag" allow users to see the variety of bag patterns, colors, designs, accessories and materials. All they have to do is choose what they need, mix and match them and soon they will get a unique, customized bag.
43 The university of Waikato New Zealand Lin-Hao
  Hospitality management students’ attitude towards the hospitality industry in China

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Important dates
January 05, 2007
Deadline for submission of Application Form and Summary Business Plan

January 18, 2007
Top 16 Qualifying Teams informed

January 22, 2007
Deadline for submission of Intention of Participation Form for the First Round

February 1, 2007
Press Conference and First Round Draw

February 15, 2007
Deadline for submission of Business Plan

March 1 - 3, 2007
Competition Days, to be held at Sasin
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